The Association celebrates 25 years of activity

On the 10th of May 2024, the Lithuanian Shipowners’ Association organized the conference “All About the Sea”, celebrating its 25th anniversary. A day of insightful discussions on the future of the maritime industry!

– Green Initiatives: The focus on the Green Initiative and its impact on shipping highlighted the industry’s transition towards sustainability.

– Port Development: Innovative developments in Klaipeda port, green projects such as the planning and future installation of OPS stations, hydrogen production, and fleet renewal.

– Fuel innovation: talks on cleaner fuels, future investment in alternative fuels, and building of offshore wind farms.

– Industry insights: Insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the maritime industry today, from changing container shipping trends to addressing social issues.

from the left: Vytautas Lygnugaris, chairman of the Association, Simonas Gentvilas, minister of environment, prof. Valdas Rakutis, chairman of the Parliament Maritime affairs commission, Loreta Maskalioviene, vice-minister of transport, Arvydas Vaitkus, the Mayor of Klaipeda city.

We sincerely thank the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Parliament’s maritime affairs commission for its long-term cooperation.