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Already back in 1997-1998, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania began to raise the issue on the establishment of the association. On 7th January of 1999, the steering group had met to discuss issues regarding the establishment of the Shipowners’ Association. The first meeting was attended by the president of “Klaipeda Transport Fleet” – Mr. A. Bič, the president of “Lithuanian Shipping Company” – Mr. A. Gedgaudas, the general manager of “Limarko” company – Mr. V. Lygnugaris, and the director of “Passat” company – Mr. S. Žekanis. The Klaipeda harbour port deputy director captain R. Lucka had attended the meeting as a guest.

On 2nd February of 1999, the agreement establishing the Association was signed and on 19th February the Shipowners’ Association (LSA) was registered. Its founders were companies “Lithuanian Shipping Company” (LJL), “Klaipeda Transport Fleet” (KTL), “Passat” and  “Limarko”. The former gen. director of the biggest Lithuanian shipping company Mr. Antanas Anilionis was appointed as the first president of the Association and the head of the administration. At that time, the Shipowners Association aimed at becoming a member of the Baltic Shipowners’ Association (BLSA) in St. Petersburg and a member of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

On 8th March of 1999, “Baltlanta” became the first member which joined the Association. In April 1999, the Association was approved as the associated member of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK). Members of the Association actively discussed international regulation of the maritime industry, national laws and regulations, and the Lithuanian national shipping concept.

On 29th December of 1999, the Shipowners Association was renamed the Lithuanian Shipowners’ Association (LLSA).