The agreement signed to develop maritime competencies in the liquefied natural gas segment

On April 17th, the international operator of energy terminals AB KN Energies (KN), the technical operator of the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) Independence UAB Hoegh LNG Klaipėda, and the Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LAJM) signed a tripartite agreement, committing to developing and enhancing the competence of seafarers in the servicing, management, and maintenance of LNG floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) and LNG carriers.

According to Darius Šilenskis, CEO of KN Energies, considering the geopolitical situation, such a step is welcome and far-sighted, ensuring the development of seafarers’ competencies required for servicing FSRU and LNG carriers in Lithuania and the rest of Europe.

The tripartite agreement regarding the development of young seafarers’ competencies was signed by Mindaugas Navikas, Chief Commercial Officer of KN Energies, Mindaugas Petrauskas, CEO of Hoegh LNG Klaipėda, and Vaclav Stankevič, Director of the Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LAJM). Based on the agreement, LAJM committed to reviewing and adjusting maritime study programs to provide students with more knowledge of the maintenance, management, and servicing of LNG terminals and LNG carriers. Additionally, KN Energies and Hoegh LNG Klaipėda agreed to create conditions for paid internships and lectures at the terminal and finance these activities.

“After the Government decided to register the LNG vessel at the Register of Seagoing Ships of the Republic of Lithuania, a discussion arose in the public and the seafarers’ community about the competencies of seafarers and the opportunities for them to work on board the ship. Being a company of strategic importance for the energy security of Lithuania and the surrounding region, KN initiated cooperation in adapting the study programs of LAJM to the specifics of LNG shipping and providing opportunities for students to do paid internships on the FSRU Independence, which becomes our property at the end of this year,” notes Mr. Navikas.

 In the photo (from left) – Mindaugas Petrauskas, CEO of UAB Hoegh LNG Klaipėda, Vaclav Stankevič, Director of the Lithuanian Maritime Academy, and Mindaugas Navikas, Chief Commercial Officer of AB KN Energies.

“Understanding the responsibilities of KN associated with taking over the ownership of the LNG vessel and the significance of the LNG terminal for Lithuania, we take our partnership responsibly and are ready to share our experience and competencies to help grow the maritime community in Lithuania. Given the growing global network of FSRU and the demand for LNG carrier management and maintenance, I do not doubt that the students will have a wide range of career opportunities in Lithuania and abroad,” says Mr. Petrauskas.

“This agreement allows students to acquire new professional competencies and learn directly from professionals and practitioners. I believe that this cooperation will increase the attractiveness of maritime studies and give a new impetus to the development of maritime training in Lithuania. I hope that more and more young people will have new and attractive career prospects,” says Mr. Stankevič.

Under the agreement, KN and Hoegh LNG Klaipėda undertake to provide up to two students with a paid internship on board the vessel for up to six months. The students will also receive practical lectures during which the seafarers in charge of the Independence terminal will share the specifics of their work and best practices on LNG carriers.

KN Energies will reimburse other costs related to the cadets’ internship and will pay remuneration in line with the market level for the internship. After the studies, both companies reserve the right to make job offers to the best students. It is foreseen that the study programs will be updated, and the students will be ready to start their internships at the terminal in 2025.

 In the photo (from left) – Gintautas Kutka, Lithuanian Shipowners Association executive director, and Valdas Rakutis, chairman of Parliament maritime affairs commission.