Lithuania improves its position in the MOU ships assessment list

As per the 1st of July, 2021 information published by the Paris MoU committee, Lithuania has stepped up from 39th place to 34th place in the “White” list, Latvia has stepped up from 32nd to 27th place, Estonia has moved from 38th place in the “White” list to 1st place in the “grey” list in the Paris MoU list.

The “White List” represents quality flags with a consistently low detention record. Flags with an average performance are shown on the “Grey List”. Their appearance on this list may serve as an incentive to improve and move to the “White List”. At the same time flags at the lower end of the “Grey List” should be careful not to neglect control over
their ships and risk ending up on the “Black List” next year.
The five most frequently recorded deficiencies in 2020 were “ISM” (4.65%, 1,298), “fire doors/openings in fire-resisting divisions” (3.07%, 857), “seafarers’ employment agreement” (1.9%, 530), “cleanliness of engine room” (1.43%, 400) and “nautical publications” (1.36%, 381).
Paris Memorandum of Understanding was created in 1982 aiming to provide a common approach to port state control issues and safety of vessels and seafarers in the region.

There were 101 inspections carried of Lithuanian flagged ships during the period 2018-2020 with 1 ship detention.

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