DFDS Seaways celebrates 20 years in Lithuania

This year, DFDS, one of the largest ferry operators in Europe, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Lithuania and its 10th anniversary in Estonia. Having established itself as a reliable passenger and cargo carrier in the Baltic Sea, DFDS continues to strengthen its position and is waiting for a new ferry in the autumn, which will complement the company’s fleet.

Jonas Nazarovas, the executive director of the Lithuanian branch DFDS, is proud that a lot has been achieved during the year: “Almost 5 million people have used the DFDS ferry services in 20 years. passengers, more than 45 thousand. kilometers of wheeled trucks and cars, and the capacity of the fleet itself in the Baltic Sea has almost tripled ”. That the company strongly ties its future with the Baltic Sea and Lithuania is proved by the investments amounting to 400 million euros. Eleven ferries operated by the company, fly the Lithuanian flag, employ Lithuanian crews, and the company’s ferries arrive at the port of Klaipeda on average about a thousand times a year.