The validity of maritime documents has been extended

5th of February, 2021 the order Nr. 3-93


Pursuant to the Law on Safe Shipping of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Merchant Shipping of the Republic of Lithuania and Resolution No. 1226 “On the announcement of quarantine in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania” Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania declares:

1.1. maritime diplomas, global maritime emergency safety system radio operator diplomas, maritime qualification certificates and approvals of these documents, special certificates, certificates of recognition of certificates of competency, and seafarers’ books of the Republic of Lithuania, the validity of which expires due to unexpectedly prolonged voyages for the reason of COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection), the validity of above-mentioned documents are extended until the end of the ship’s voyage, but not longer than six months from the expiry of the relevant document;

1.2. in the event of circumstances related to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection) due to which it is not possible to inspect and issue appropriate certificates for ships flying the flag of the State of Lithuania, the validity of certificates shall be extended for three months or the end of the period for approval of the certificates.