Lithuanian seafarers voted in Parliament elections

Parliamentary elections were held in Lithuania on 11 and 25 October 2020 to elect the 141 members of the Parliament (Lith. – Seimas). Pursuant to the Law on Elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian seafarers may vote in elections if, on election days, the ship does not stand in Klaipeda port; the ship’s crew consists of at least 5 crew members; the master of the ship, responsible for organizing the elections on board, is a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania. On the 11 of October 2020, 292 seafarers had the right to vote in the first round of elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, of which 282 voted. On the 25 of October 2020, 253 seafarers had the right to vote in the second round of elections, of which 181 voted. The total result of the elections to the Parliament:

Homeland Union 50 seats of total 141

Farmers and Greens union – 32;

Liberal Movement – 13;

Social democratic – 13;

Freedom party – 11;

Labour party – 10;

Electoral action of Poles in Lithuania – 3;

Social democratic labour party – 3;

Freedom and Justice – 1;

Green party – 1;

The right-wing parties intend to form a ruling majority.